All inspections preformed in accordance with the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice of the Minnesota Society of Housing Inspectors.
Items covered by the inspection:
Grading, drainage, walkways, driveways siding, decks, steps, porches, patios, roof covering, chimney and garages.
Walls, ceilings, floors, doors, windows and stairways.
From the foundation to the roof.
Plumbing fixtures, interior water supply and waste systems, water heater.
Heating and Cooling systems:
Central heating and cooling systems, distribution system and exhausting.
Interior and exterior electrical wiring and fixtures and all panel boxes.
Insulation and ventilation.
The purchase and ownership of real estate involves risk. An inspection may present information which may help reduce some of the risk, but it does not eliminate risk entirely.
Buyers inspection fees:
Starting at $425.00
(fees increase with square footage above 3000)
The buyer will leave the property with a computer generated report in hand.
Typically the inspector will do the inspection alone, this allows him to concentrate on the task at hand. Once the inspection is completed the buyer will attend for an on site walk-through with the inspector.

To schedule and appointment please call 651-653-5976